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When Angels Came is the auditory brainchild of Jacques van der Merwe, started during the pandemic to stay productive and sound. It quickly evolved into a creative hub for new songs, as well as an opportunity to revisit old demo tracks. The inspiration duly ignited, and Jacques was able to work on fresh ideas and vocal melodies. The band was subsequently officially formed in 2021. Soon after Jacques reached out to good friend and South African music veteran, Mark Beling to record the first tracks at his studio. Mark was part of the legendary rock band Mean Mr Mustard, and now has a bustling career as a solo artist and producer. The first of these called ‘Color In Blind’ was released on 29 December 2021, and well received with global radio play, as well as chart positions on the MIX FM SA TOP 40, Banks Radio Australia, Oasis Radio and Radio Indie Alliance. The second called ‘About You’ is now set for release on 30 September 2022.

Jacques recently relocated to the Netherlands and continue to work with South African artists. His music style is very focused on melody, stating that “if I cannot sing to the melody of the guitars and vocals, then I struggle to enjoy a song. I focus mostly on creating hard hitting riffs with a melodic chorus which people can enjoy and talks to the heart of the song. Lyrics wise it’s all based on life experiences, or a story that I’m dying to tell the audience. Every song has a meaning. Influence wise I try to find new music every day, I find my inspiration from various bands and genres. Starting with Metallica and Breaking Benjamin back in the day, to new bands like Kensington, Architects and Spiritbox.” Jacques is back with his commanding new single ‘About You’ (produced by Mark Beling).

This riffy rock belter serves as a stern warning not to take family and friends for granted in your daily drive for success. Jacques shares that “Sometimes we can blindly get caught up in ourselves, and selfishly leave loved ones and friends behind on the grind to get to the top. Then, when you get there, you realise you are alone, and the sacrifice was too big and not worth it. It’s pointless being there alone, and not having anyone to share it with. It is important to always maintain a healthy balance. Work, family, and friends must always be balanced, intertwined, and connected, to provide happiness and meaningful fulfilment. If you sacrifice your friends and family, you will only end up alone at the top, which is pointless and depressing. Use your time wisely, as it is not just about you!”

‘About You’ available on all streaming platforms https://linktr.ee/whenangelscame

Please give us a detailed introduction to When Angels Came

When Angels Came – hard rock band hailing from South Africa and the Netherlands, the band started during covid to experiment with new sounds and hard-hitting riffs. The band quickly headed to the studio to record new tracks. The first, called ‘Color In Blind’, was released on 29 December 2021 and was well received with worldwide radio play as well as positions on MIX FM SA TOP 40 charts, Banks Radio Australia, Oasis Radio and Radio Indie Alliance. The second titled ‘About You’ is now scheduled for release on September 30, 2022.

How best would you describe your sound and music, and how did you choose this genre?

We’re a hard rock band with an emphasis on vocal and guitar melodies that resonate with people. Nothing is set in stone as we grow as musicians and our creativity transpires to different genres or flavours. It’s a genre that’s always appealed to us, its high energy, great melody, heavy guitars and solo’s here and there. It’s what we enjoy playing~.

Tell us all about your new upcoming singles

The new single “About You” was written as a reminder and a promise to myself to never forget about the people that matter to me. Friends, family, loved ones, chase your dreams, successes and happiness, but remember, it’s a million times better to enjoy that moment or life with your loved ones around you. You have to remind yourself to not fall into that trap. You have everything to gain!

What most inspires your song writing?

It’s truly based on personal experiences and my views on specific topics. It really depends on where I am in my life and what I’ve experienced or need to get off my chest. Sometimes it’s just a great riff or drum groove that gets things going.

Which do you prefer – performing as a solo artist, or with a band?

 I really enjoy playing as a band, there’s something about getting together and creating something from scratch which ends up sounding amazing and people digging it.

What stands as a career highlight to date?

Working with some of the best producers in the country, it’s been a great experience. And seeing people just truly enjoying the music. That’s the best feeling.

Which of your songs is your favourite, and why?

No favourite yet, I love them all! They’re all great to play live and each song has a specific meaning to me which I enjoy.

What is your top Bucket List item?

Wouldn’t opening for Alter Bridge, or Disturbed be something…

What can fans look forward to next, where can they see you play live, and where can they follow you online?

Currently we’re working on finishing the album, we have more songs coming down the line which I’m excited to see come to life. That’s the key focus right now, just creating the best possible album that we’ll enjoy playing live. Which is the next thing when launching the album for sure. You can find us on FB https://www.facebook.com/wecametorock and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/whenangelscameband  follow our https://linktr.ee/Whenangelscame for more details

Any final thoughts or shoutouts?

Thank you World Of Metal for the support. Be sure to listen to “About You” out now!


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