WOM Reviews – Aggressive Perfector – “Havoc at the Midnight Hour”

2019 – Dying Victims Productions

From the United Kingdom, Aggressive Perfector is a “newly-debuted” band in the metal scene. Despite its formation in 2014 and the release of a demo in 2016, it’s only now that they present their first album. Was it worth the wait? Definitely.  This album is divided into 8 tracks of very volatile metal (situated between the limits of heavy, speed and thrash) that goes back in time to get some of the more characteristic sounds of “classical metal bands” during their prime. Maybe it’s an idea that I got from their nationality, but there seems even to be a very light touch of the style known as new wave of British heavy metal.

Either ways, this is one of those records that wasn’t made for you to listen calmly, wrapped and cozy in a blanket at home while the rain beats against the window; oh no, this album yells for you to go outside into the rain and start moshing, if you get a cold that’s your own damn problem. Obviously, the lyrical content doesn’t get stuck with such banalities. Instead you are presented with more nostalgic themes that dive into the occult and satanic. Everything is very straightforward and there’s no instrument that shines particularly by itself, instead the whole group stands out in unity creating a very raw and destructive force (the track name “Into The Nightmare” really deserves its name by these standards). Do you want some nostalgic and good metal? Do you want metal that blows you in the face without any half-measures? Are you sick and tired of that highly politicized metal and miss the satanic or semi-satanic themes that forever separated us from the conventional society? Well look no more; this album fits in like a glove.

Review by Matias Melim

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