WOM Streams – Borgne – “Temps Morts” Exclusive Full Album Stream

Borgne isn’t a strange name for our readers since we’ve chosen their “Y” releasead last year as one of our Top choices for industrial (check it out here). Pushing its own limits for twenty years, Borgne is a powerful machine, producing mechanical coldness and developing industrial energy. Constantly evolving, this swiss formation has been crushing the stages since 2011, each time marking the spirits of its passage. From ethereal melodies to the hammering of the drum machine, this sound vortex will suck you into abysmal depths. They are now back with a new album “Temps Morts” that is released by Les Acteurs De L’Ombre Productions today, the 21st of May. World Of Metal shared their firsts advances tracks here and here and now, on the day of its release, premieres in an exclusive for Portugal the full album stream of “Temps Morts, that you can hear below:

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