WOM Streams – Florida’s Death/Thrash Metal Band RONWE Releases Self-Titled Debut Album on May 26 – Exclusive Premiere Full Album Stream

The US-based death/thrash metal act RONWE is going to release its self-titled debut album on May 26 via Music-Records! The record can’t be missed by the fans of bands like Celtic Frost, Exodus, and Kreator! Below you can hear the album in its entirety in a WORLD OF METAL exclusive premiere.


RONWE was born out of the love of 80/90’s extreme thrash and symphonic death metal. The duo, from Florida, is composed by Clint Listing and Ryan Michalski. Has been a bond and down right blood brother oath for over 35 years now both from Northern NJ and lived on the same street in their teens. Clint and Ryan also have musical projects under Until the Sky Dies & Idiot Robot that have released albums on such labels as Cimmerian Shade and Dead Games Records. RONWE is for those that love bands like Testament, Sodom, Mercyful Fate, Cynic, Pestilence, and Atheist – together with the ones mentioned above.

“Ronwe” was recorded at RPM Studios -Tampa Fl and The Doorway to Studios– St Cloud, FL. Mixed and mastered by Ryan Michalski at RPM Studios -Tampa Fl. Band photos by Clint Listing. Artwork and band logo by Matthias (Macchabée Artworks).

Buy your copy on Music-Records shop: https://www.rockmetalmarket.com/produit/ronwe-ronwe/

Ronwe tracklist:


  1. Through This Door
  2. Betrayal
  3. Time
  4. Under The Snow
  5. Go To War
  6. From The Sky
  7. Hivemind
  8. Black Temple


RONWE are:

Clint Listing –  Vocals

Ryan Michalski – Guitar, Synth, Bass, Drums


RONWE Online

Facebook // Spotify // Music-Records


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