WOM Streams – Lost Tribes Of The Moon Debut Album Streaming Now

Milwaukee (WI) – Blazing their own creative path through the world of metal, LOST TRIBES OF THE MOON will release their self-titled debut album on September 18. Stream it in its entirety below:

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LOST TRIBES OF THE MOON‘s  debut album features three main compositions that showcase a vast and dense variety of influences including but not limited to forms of heavy metal, prog rock and folk. Long and indulgent song lengths give these songs the proper vehicle to fully tell each story within. A few supplemental tracks surround the beginning, middle, and end of this album to help tie the atmosphere of this musical universe together, and which contains expanded instrumentation and sounds that open the doors even further into this auditory journey that is LOST TRIBES OF THE MOON.….

Features inside album artwork by critically acclaimed artist Martin Mercer who has worked on movies such as Nightbreed, Lord Of Illusions, Iron Man 3, Suicide Squad and Aquaman.

Though citing influences ranging from 70’s hard rock, Prog rock, Doom, Black Metal, NWOBHM, folk, and ambient/experimental, “Metal” replete with dynamics, creativity, and passion is the best descriptor of the LOST TRIBES OF THE MOON sound.
Track Listing
1. Intro/The Rise and Fall of Midian
2. Wych Elm
3. Revenant
4. Ka-Tet
5. Lost Tribes Of The Moon
6. Outro/In Search Of A New Midian

Recorded by Shane Hochstetler @ Howl Street Recordings
Mastered by Carl Saff @ Saff Mastering
Mixed by Shane Hochstetler and LTOTM
Jon Liedtke – Guitars, Synthesizers, Theremin
Jacob Muchin – Bass
Jeremiah Messner – Drums, Percussion, Tabla, Bells,
Janine Rohde – Vocals, Screams, Violin

Carl Storniolo – Singing Lids
Victor DeMichael –  Gongs
Noah Mezsick, Ron Blemberg, Jon Liedtke, Jeremiah Messner – Choir Chants on Track 5

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