WOM Streams – Robyn Ferguson feat. Kat Goss – “Purgatory” Exclusive Premiere

South African Prog Prodigy Robyn Ferguson is back on 29 April with ‘Purgatory’ featuring Kat Goss. In a World Of Metal exclusive premiere, we present it to you today, so check it out below:

In a world of high expectations and great possibilities, it becomes difficult to remember that there is freedom in art. The world around us continues to turn, regardless of our successes and our downfalls. To be able to truly experience the freedom of art does not come easy…it first requires you to experience being bound by the expectations of others, the constant pressure to “keep up”… the artist’s purgatory. 

“Purgatory” had its start in the depths of a global pandemic. Within the confines of a small space, within the restrictions of human contact, Robyn Ferguson and Kat Goss had the privilege of experiencing true artistic freedom. Free from deadlines and expectations they were able to create a sound that is true to their nature. With touches of each artist’s personal style prevalent throughout the song, it is a representation of who they are, as artists, behind closed doors. 

About Robyn Ferguson

Robyn Ferguson is a passionate musician from South Africa, who knows how to work hard and play hard! She is known for her dynamic live performances and adept guitar skills (with acts like Adorned in Ash and Sistas of Metal). The past 3 years Robyn has been super productive and flying solo, using her immense talent as a healing-and-driving force on her spiritual journey to rise above health challenges.

Robyn states that “there were many personal challenges faced, and some that are still being faced, but I am happy to say that the creation of my solo work has been extremely liberating and exciting! These past 3 years completely kicked me into a different frame of mind, and I’ve found myself looking at the world through a different lens.”

Robyn emphasises that “this period pushed and pulled me like no other, driving me to chase new ambitious goals, creating 5 EPs in 36 months, in addition to 3 collaborations and 3 compilations … a purpose I am extremely happy to achieve with great levels of success!”

Despite her physical challenges as well as the global physical restrictions of Covid the past 20 plus months, Robyn masterfully tuned every opportunity into a distinct advantage, representing South Africa at 10 online festivals in 2021, including opening for iconic artists like Venom, Anvil, Rotting Christ and Iron Saviour at the World Of Metal Online Festival in Portugal. Robyn has also participated in many Radio Shows, Podcasts, Interviews and Media Features, as well as receiving multiple SAMMA Award Nominations (and taking a win as well)!

Watch out world, Robyn is just getting started …

About Kat Goss

Kat Goss is a South African musician. Influenced by the stories of those she meets, a largely classical background, and the elements of the Earth, she strives for an existence made up of art. Through the difficulties of a global pandemic, a national lockdown and a hard knock on the entertainment industry she has spent the time available to her working on her career as a solo musician. As well as working on a solo career Kat has shared the stage with Rhakshah as front woman since 2019. Kat comes from a long family line of artists and so an existence without creativity was simply never an option.

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