WOM Streams – Ross Harding – “Everything Is Black” Maxi Single

South African Blues Rock Singer-Songwriter Ross Harding is back with his Maxi Single ‘Everything Is Black’ ; a grooving, sludgy, hard rock belter with lyrical-and-visual themes about death, the Apocalypse, doom, and gloom. Included are 2 bonus tracks ‘War Pigs’ (Live Black Sabbath Cover), as well as ‘Dark City Blues’ (Live Version). Hot on the heels of his successful EP ‘Chapter II’, ‘Everything Is Black’, is a commanding new release congealing exactly why Ross is operating at the top of his game!

“From a lyrical and thematic perspective ‘Everything Is Black’ is about the apocalypse. The interpretation of the song’s meaning is really going to depend on the individual listener. The artwork is really a reflection on those themes of death, the Apocalypse, doom and gloom. The good old Grim Reaper. All those ‘fun things’, and was done by my good friend and Tattoo artist, Wayne Pictor. I love it!

For me, there’s a direct stab at governments and corporations who continue to destroy the world, but that’s not exactly what the song is about. It’s inspired by that doom feeling, for sure, and is one of the more cathartic tunes I’ve written (on a personal level). That’s why we included ‘War Pigs’ from Black Sabbath as a cover with this release. It’s one of the most iconic anti-establishment / anti-war songs ever written.

Having said all this, my approach to interviews and questions regarding what my music is about, I’ve decided to limit, as I feel that the philosophical wave I’m riding at the moment is all about the listener, their interpretation, and making sure that I don’t too deeply influence their personal connection with my music.”

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