WOM Streams – Simulacre – “Tribus” Exclusive Premiere

Anticipating the Simulacre‘s split with Archvile King, World Of Metal joined Les Acteurs De L’Ombres Productions to bring the first advance atrack from the black metal band Simulacre. Check it ou below:

Simulacre was born in 2014 as the heir of french Black metal pioneer band Asmodée. Old school influences and infernal Black metal dissonances are combined to create a chaotic yet theatrical atmosphere. These various elements are orchestrated in ambitious almost progressive songs with an organic production. Led by songwriter and guitarist NecroC. (former Asmodée), the band released its first EP “La Jaiba” in 2017. After a few line-up changes, Simulacre is currently wrapping up a new release, “Les Voix Du Sang” that should be unleashed in 2022.”


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