WOM’s Pet – Solstice

Everyone knows the situation in Australia and unfortunately the news weren’t the best for a long long time – things seem to be changing now. People died and many had to be evacuated from their properties without nothing, leaving all behind. Thousands of animals have been killed with bushfires, surrounded by the flames, not be able to escape. Like the Koalas, poor innnocent beings, they are now officialy extinct. This touched our hearts, so we here at the World Of Metal decided to help. There’s many ways to support this cause. We decided to adotp a Koal from the Port Stephens Koala & Wildlife Preservation Society. We hope that we can help with this little gesture and also inspire others to do the same.

We know that around the world there are many causes and many institutions that support those in need, people and/or animals, we’re not saying that these are more important than others. If you feel offended by our decision to support this cause and not any other you hold dear in your heart, don’t waste your energies in hate, just do your best to help someone or something that speaks to your heart.


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