World Of Metal Exclusive: A Deep Dive into Jackson Colt’s New Single and Creative Process

Welcome back to World Of Metal‘s exclusive interview with Jackson Colt. Since our last conversation, the band has been making waves in the rock scene, and today, we have the pleasure of discussing their latest single, “Shake Your Body”. Join us as we explore the inspiration behind the song, the band’s growth since our last chat, and their plans.


Jackson Colt, it’s great to have you back on World Of Metal. How has the journey been since our last conversation, and what new experiences have shaped your music?

Thank you so much for having me back. It has been an incredible journey so far. We have been in the studio working hard on our upcoming songs and album, and even filmed a music video.

“Shake Your Body” is a departure from your previous releases, blending rock with dance elements. What inspired this musical evolution?

I wanted to write a song that people could dance to. It is still glam metal at its core, but I wanted to bring something new to this release with the influence of 80s dance and 80s pop music.

Can you walk us through the creative process behind ‘Shake Your Body’ and how the song came to life?

I started writing the song one night when I was messing around on the bass guitar. I found the chorus melody and then the rest of the vocal melody that night. When I went into the studio the next day, I showed my producer Dale Schnettler the idea I had, and he loved it. We spoke about how it sounds like a dance song, but I really wanted to keep the rock n’ roll sound of my band.

The lyrics of ‘Shake Your Body’ seem to carry a deeper meaning beneath the surface. Can you share the story or inspiration behind the song?

The song is about dancing in a night club in the vampire world. The vampires represent people who have had their hearts broken. Dancing to the music is like a cure to heartbreak. You can get lost in the music and you can forget your pain. The story follows a lady who enters a night club. Her heart is broken but she is bitten and becomes a vampire. When she is a vampire, she gets lost in the music and her pain fades away.

How do you see ‘Shake Your Body’ resonating with your fans, both in Portugal and globally?

We want them to join us in the vampire world and just get lost in the song. We want them to be vampires with us. I’ve heard about the incredible night life and scene in Portugal. I really hope to come see it and do a tour around Portugal.

As ambassadors for South African rock, how do you hope ‘Shake Your Body’ will contribute to the representation of your country’s music scene on an international scale?

We can rock out with the rest of the world. I know that South Africa is on the other side of the world, but we are rock fans also.

Looking ahead, can you tease any upcoming projects or collaborations that fans can look forward to?

There is a collaboration in the making with an artist that I’ve been a big fan of since I was young. I bought a copy of his first album, and I am very excited to work with him for the first time and to learn from one of my heroes.

How has the band’s dynamic evolved since the release of ‘Shake Your Body,’ and what new elements have you incorporated into your live performances?

Recording the music video gave us a big chance to work in the performance of the song. We got to perform the song in front of the camera and watch ourselves. We learned how to tell the story of the song through our performance. It was a valuable experience that we are bringing to the stage.

Switching gears, let’s talk about the state of rock music today. How do you perceive the genre’s evolution, and where do you see Jackson Colt fitting into the landscape?

Rock and metal music’s flame will always be around. The genres are always changing but at heart they are still rock and metal. I don’t know what it will sound like in twenty years, but I know for sure that we will all still be headbanging and rocking out to our genres that we love so much. I just want to be there with everyone rocking out and making the music that I am so proud of.

Beyond music, what are some of the personal experiences or influences that have impacted your creative journey, especially concerning ‘Shake Your Body’?

I met a special lady at a festival we played last year. She gave me her business card when I was playing on stage. It follows the story of Shake Your Body. I brought her into the vampire world when she got lost in my music.

Reflecting on your career thus far, what advice would you give to aspiring musicians navigating the challenges of the industry?

Stay true to your music and yourself. Don’t ever change for anybody. Nobody in the world is you, and nobody will ever be. Show the world how you shine.

Lastly, how can fans in Portugal and around the world support Jackson Colt and stay updated on your latest releases and performances?

Follow us on our social media and stay tuned for some very exciting stuff this year. It’s Dangerously good!

As Jackson Colt continues to push the boundaries of their sound with “Shake Your Body”, we thank them for sharing their insights with us once again. Be sure to follow Jackson Colt on their musical journey and stream “Shake Your Body” to experience their genre-defying fusion of rock and dance. Stay tuned to World Of Metal for more exclusive interviews and updates from the world of music and metal.


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