World Of Metal Magazine #30

World Of Metal Magazine #30 – 106 pages! – download here

Interviews with Death Angel, Midnight Priest, Sojourner, A New Revenge, Martelo Negro, Cinemuerte, X Romance, Aephanemer, Glasya, Nihility, Qantice, Uivo Bastardo, Ventre Maligno, GumoManiacs, Defying Decay, Grievance, Afterbleeding

Articles by Carlos Lichman (Metal Business), Lex Thunder (Raios & Trovões),

A Day At The Movies, Artwork Insights, Rockspot – Milagre Metaleiro, Top 20 73, World Comics, World’s Finest, Album Of the Month / Top 20 July, Reviees, Time Machine Reviews, MetalMad! Zine Reviews, Tape Secret, Ficha Técnica – Methedras

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