06.02.21 – World Of Metal Online Festival – 1st Edition

It’s finally here, the complete bill for the first edition of the World Of Metal Online Festival. We are all facing this pandemic for almost an year now and more than ever it’s important to keep metal alive and safe specially when we don’t know when bands can step on a stage again, when promotors cand book shows or venues can open again. The hardships are many and we know there’s very little one can do unless suporting bands, support labels, buy records, buy merch, support the way we can.

That’s the goal of World Of Metal since day one, display bands that worked with passion on their music and with World Of Metal Online Festival, that’s still the goal. From all over the world we have bands that heeded the call and we’re very proud of the names that we’ve gathered:

Foxy Rocket – Hard Rock from Portugal
Losna – Trash Metal from Brazil
Dislepsia – Death Metal from Argentina
Concrete Dream – Nu-metal/Post Hardcore from U.S.A.
Mercic – Industrial Metal from Portugal
Rageful – Death Metal from Portugal
Carcinosi – Death Metal from Brazil
Nerium  – Death Metal from Uruguay
Autopsya – Thrash Metal from Portugal
Dispyt – Black/Death Metal from Finland
Astralium – Symphonic Metal from Italy
Leviaethan – Thrash Metal from Brazil
Morbid Death – Gothic Metal from Portugal
Apostles Of Perversion – Death Metal from Spain
Holocausto War Metal – Black/Thrash Metal from Brazil
A Nameless Dread – Modern Death Metal from South Africa
Demonical – Blackened Death Metal from Sweden
Vulcano – Black/Thrash Metal from Brazil
Revenge of the fallen – Alternative Metal from Portugal

06.02.21 – Feb, 06, 2021
18:00 Brasil / 21h GMT Lisbon/London
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