As Paradise Falls releases new song ‘The Ultimate Consumer’

As Paradise Falls‘ new full-length album “Digital Ritual” will be out July 21, 2017 via Eclipse Records and today they reveal new track from the record, “The Ultimate Consumer.” The lead-in to this album has not been easy, but with positive goings-on such as multiple tracks added to Spotify’s Homegrown and Heavy playlist, their video for Starblind available below – the band’s fire and passion has been stoked all along the way. 
Vocalist for the Brisbane metal outfit, Shaun Coar, mused that “The song is about how people fall into destructive behaviour patterns. Particularly with the way we consume everything thru media in this day in age. A lot of people are borderline addicted to their phones and the amount of data we consume per year grows exponentially. It’s having a trickle down effect culturally and on a personal level. Literally everything needs to be at your fingertips otherwise it cannot survive. The problem is great things don’t just happen instantly.”

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