Comaniac present official video for “Coal”

Pure riff brutality – probably the most efficient way to describe the new thrash masterpiece from Comaniac. With “Coal”, the Swiss riff squad isn’t sparing with showing off their guitar work that is bursting through your brain and unmistakably signalising: “Bang your fuckin’ head!”
The video itself in good old black and white fashion is seizing on the title, or as the band explains: “Pride only lasts for 30 seconds in the album’s epic opening track. The fall follows immediately. Wishfully longing for a better self, the female protagonist of the video clip for “Coal” just pushes herself further on the road to her own doom. She isolates herself at a dark place of confinement and eventually falls into pure matter of life on earth – with fatal consequences!”
“Coal” is the second single taken from the upcoming album “Instruction For Destruction”, which will be unleashed on April 7 via SAOL. The tracklist looks as follows:
1. Coal
2. Suborned
3. Bow Low
4. Guarding Ruins
5. How To End It All
6. Self Control
7. Shattered
8. Heart Of Stone
9. Forever More
10. Instruction For Destruction

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