NervoChaos – Premiere of the 360° video for “Ritualistic”

360° – that means 360° of pure evil. Right in the middle instead of just watching from outside – have the perfect panoramic view on NervoChaos doing what they can do best: bludgeon their new song “Ritualistic” rawly and with full precision.
“Ritualistic” is – after “Moloch Rise” and “Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam” – the second sinlge of the album “Nyctophilia” that will be released on April 7. The track list reads as follows:
1. Moloch Rise
2. Ritualistic
3. Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam
4. Season of the Witch
5. Waters of Chaos
6. The Midnight Hunter
7. Rites of the 13 Cemeteries
8. Vampiric Cannibal Goddess
9. Stained with Blood
10. Lord Death*
11. Dead End
12. World Aborted
13. Live Like Suicide

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