Entrevista Estapafúrdia EP 5 – Cellador

We defied Cellador for our little pop quiz. You can listen to the soundtrack this saturday, after the “A Hora do Rasganço” Radio Show, starting at 11PM.

WOM – As you may know, we also have a radio and we have various daily programs, each one focusing one genre. We have death metal on mondays; black metal on tuesdays; gothic, folk and symphonic on wednesdays, stoner/doom on thursdays; hard rock, heavy metal and power metal on fridays and thrash metal on saturdays. What is your pick and give us 5 bands that you choose within that genre
Cellador Lots of great styles but we will support our likely home turf and pick Friday’s “hard rock, heavy metal and power metal”. Here’s my 5 band picks:

1. Iron Savior (power)

2. Night Demon (heavy metal)

3. Bloodbound (power)

4. Santa Cruz (hard rock)

5. Lost Horizon (power)
WOM – We also have some monthly shows. One of them is Heróis do Mar (translated from Portuguese is something like Heroes of The Sea, related to our history). Do you know some Portuguese bands that you like?
Cellador I like the band Moonspell a lot. Cellador supported them on a one-off show at The Bluebird Theater in Denver. I have been a fan since high school when their videos were on old Century Media compilations.
WOM – We have another that focuses all the genres within rock, punk metalcore or deathcore, industrial, experimental. Can you choose one band within this group of genres?
Cellador – Deathcore is a big “no” for me so I’ll exclude that for consideration XD. Play some Michael Graves era Misfits! “American Psycho” “Speak of the Devil” or “Dig Up Her Bones.”
WOM – We also have a Hora do Prog dedicated to prog rock and/or metal. Can you pick one band that you think it’s essential to play on this show?
Cellador – How about “Feed the Horses” by Thank You Scientist? It’s a Coheed & Cambria type progressive hard rock band showed to me by a friend who’s actually normally a huge power metal fan. I like it a lot!
WOM – The final program is the Time Machine – If you had the possibility, what would be the year and the band/album you would like to visit?
Cellador – I would have loved to see Pantera back in 1988 when their album “Power Metal” came out and they were playing the Dallas metal scene. Or classic Guns N Roses at the Roxy that same year.. awesome! It’s just a great year in general for a lot of bands. Can’t beat the 80’s!
WOM – We’re almost over. Album of the Month, what is the album you’re listening non stop?
Cellador – That would be “NESessary Evil” by Vomitron. This is Pete Rutcho’s band, who also mixed our album. Amazing metal covers of old Nintendo games (smiles)
WOM – And for the end… if have to choose one music, what would that be?
Cellador – Any single choice would be difficult to stomach because I’m finding my taste has exponentially evolved as time has gone by.. but let’s go full circle and pick the easy choice: METAL, because there’s a bajillion bands and sub-styles to choose from, you’ll never run out of music even after several lifetimes.

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