Full Of Hell


WOM Tops – Top 20 Brutal Death Grind Albums 2021

Animalesco O Método, Massive Charge, Fulci, Stheno, Lock Up, Ominous Ruin, Pathology, In Asymetry, Desalmado, Sepiroth, Grind Of The Dead, Cadaveric Incubator, Enkhull, Dysmorphic Demiurge, NecroticGoreBeast, Cold Hell, Contrition, Full Of Hell, Abandonment, Abominable Devourment

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WOM Tops – Top 20 Brutal Death/Grindcore Albums 2019

WOM Tops – Top 20 Brutal Death/Grindcore Albums 2019 – Meathook / Devourment / Depraved Murder / Split/Cross / Embludgeonment / Prion / Desecravity / Phrymerial / Nekroí Theoí / NecroticGoreBeast /
Full Of Hell / Optimist / Abnormality / Birdflesh / Exhumed / Besta / Nile / Misery Index / Cattle Decapitation

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Reportagem Immolation, Full of Hell, Monument of Misanthropy, Omophagia @ RCA Club 24-03-2018

Na hora certa apagam-se as luzes. Ao som daquela introdução de um minuto, músicos em palco, sentinelas virados de costas

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