Venom Inc. release statement post heart surgery for guitarist Mantas

VENOM INC. – the trio formed by legendary Mantas, the Demolition Man & Abaddon – have released the following statement:

“On 30th April 2018 our friend, brother and guitarist Jeff “Mantas” Dunn suffered a major heart attack. During the ordeal Jeff died and had to be resuscitated. After a month enduring hospital treatment he received double by pass surgery in Lisbon, Portugal (where he now resides). The operation was a great success and he has been convalescing at home in Portugal. Mantas would like to say…”

Mantas continues:
“What happened ranks easily as the most terrifying experience of my life. The paramedics and doctor fought for just over 5 minutes to bring me back. I am now home resting and recuperating, taking walks and slowly building my strength up. From this day on, going through airport security will be interesting as my breast bone is clamped together with surgical steel.

There have been things which have happened during these last few weeks, which I have found very hard to come to terms with but its getting better. I simply do not know where or how to begin to thank every single doctor, nurse or health care worker who has played some part, no matter how small, in helping me recover from this. There is still a way to go but I remain positive.

My thanks and enduring love goes to Anita (my partner) who has been with me every step of the way. My brother Tony Dolan, who upon hearing the news took the first available flight to be by my side. My neighbors and friends in our wonderful village who (despite language barriers) have shown so much concern and compassion.

I will hopefully see you on a stage somewhere in the world soon my friends.”

Indeed difficult times but with the spirit that drives VENOM INC., the band intend to honor upcoming events and shows. However, the group is forced to cancel any commitments until August, when they will be back at full strength and power. Furthermore, they will welcome Jeramie Kling on the drum stool for further dates in 2018.

Pre-order VENOM INC.‘s upcoming 10″ vinyl single »War« now:


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