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ARC ARRIVAL is not the one standing with his hands! After releasing his debut EP C.H.A.O.S in 2020 – including the singles “Count Havoc Among Our Sins”, “Re:Birth”, and “Trigger The Silence” (the last one featuring the alternative Hip-Hop duo Hessian Renegade to remix the track) – the Stirlingshire tech metal trio is now ready to unleash a double a-side release: Engineered To Die and Resurrection.

The new release is accompanied by the video for  “Engineered To Die” that is a World Of Metal exclusive premiere and you can check it out below:

The band stated about the track: “As the title suggests, Engineered To Die covers the topic of things that are predisposed and pre-made to be destroyed, either by themselves or their environment. The song discusses in particular how people most of all are born and live with this unshakable curse of being self destructive and damaging to themselves, and everything around them. As the song opens, the first line is ‘Save Yourself’, which speaks clearly enough. It is our way of stating that it is not impossible to rid ourselves of this notion that we are all doomed to destroy. As the song progresses it covers a story of how despite warnings and clear signs that something is wrong, people are wilfully ignorant of how their actions affect each other on multiple levels. Despite all this we still are headed to oblivion…we are Engineered To Die!

The video for “Engineered To Die” was shot in the rainy grounds of Torwood Castle, Torwood in Central Scotland and the band were plagued with technical complications throughout the shoot. The camera would switch itself off, the battery would drain suddenly and footage would vanish from recorded files. The band were later told that a Roman road runs through the castle grounds and they weren’t the first people to report spooky goings on and that the castle ruins will actually be featured on a forthcoming episode of new paranormal show ‘Are We Haunted’.


Engineered To Die / Resurrection is released on August 20th. Produced by Arc Arrival, mixed & mastered by Magnus Kiemer Productions.


Spotify pre-save link:



Greg Dick – Vocals
Marc McGuire – Drums
Mag Kiemer – Guitar, Bass



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