WOM Features – OneDaySky – “Within My Hands”

South African melodic metal unit OneDaySky have released the video for new single “Within My Hands”, the bands first new music since 2019’s well received “Georgia” which garnered widespread attention from media across the globe. Check it out below:

“Within My Hands” is exactly what you have come to expect, soaring vocals, meaty riffs and a pummeling rhythm section. A call to arms for one to believe in oneself, which is something we can use in these crazy times.

Vocalist Clinton Watts elaborates, “Many people find their lack of confidence crippling, which inhibits them from reaching their full potential. The song basically touches on the subject of living more carefree and remembering that we are all on our own journey. Don’t waste time doubting your abilities. You alone are enough, and you have nothing to prove to anyone.

Eric Barnfather, guitarist adds, “So, Within My Hands was something that Clinton wrote many, many years ago. We were digging through old ideas, and we came across it. As a track ‘Within My Hands’ was an organic process that snowballed almost effortlessly into possibly our most favorite song… We wrapped up our live shows with it, live shows that spanned over 2019 and 2020. Honestly, what a fun track to play and we hope it comes across in our video.

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