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“Wings Of Rage”, marks the return of the german masters of metal, Rage. We took the opportunity and availability of Peter “Peavy” Wagner, eternal leader to exchange, in a positive and cheerful approach, a few words. By Miguel Correia

Hi Peavy how are you? What a pleasure.

Hi, I’m fine, yeah my pleasure too…

Back with a new album, “Wings Of Rage”, I have to ask you about the meaning of these wings, symbol of rage or have other meaning, what is the thematic approach of this album?

The title song is about using aggression and Rage to transform it into positive energy.

Is the end result idealized or have things been taking shape throughout the process?

We wanted to bring all the stylistic elements of our history together and combine them in a cool way. From the trashy early days over the metal hymns in the early 90´s over the more epic orchestrated stuff later that decade to the more proggy approach in the 2000´s all is there. That was the plan…

What songs are your favorites on this album?

“True”, “Chasing The Twilight Zone”, “Nameless Grave”, actually I like them all, I think the album has no fillers…

Does the orchestral side of Rage belong to the past?

No, as you can hear in “A Nameless Grave”, “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Shine a Light”, there are some elements of it, and also, we toured with our Lingua Mortis Orchestra last year a very successful Festival Season all over Europe and played our XIII album completely for its 20th anniversary…

What are you thinking about when you’re on stage?

“Did I turn off the coffee machine???” (laughs)

Yeah, and did it stay off??? (laughs)

I don’t remember, but answering your question at that moment everything is tidy … I just think about playing and having fun.

As a creative person, don’t you fear sometimes (maybe subconsciously), that one day you may run out of ideas?

No, I can´t imagine. Writing songs is like breathing for me, I need it for my soul…

Rage will pass through Portugal in August, what can fans of this concert expect?

We will present not only the new album, we want to present a cool best of from all our eras…

Is the best moment of your career yet to come?

I hope we perform well and that the fans will like what we did! Besides I would prefer to do this band a bit longer still. Thanx also for the support and all my greetz to the Portugese Fans, see you all!

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