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Undeath is one of the hottest new proposals from New York Death Metal scene and “It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave” it’s their latest proof. We reach to talk with them and got guitar player Kyle Beam‘s attention for a few questions. Check out below:

Hello Kyle and welcome to our World Of Metal. “It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave” is out for some time now, how was the reception to it?

Kyle Beam – Yo! Thanks for your time. The reception has been more than we could have asked for! Cheers to all you metal maniacs who supported the record.

What was the impact of the Covid pandemic on Undeath and how did it affect the album writing and recording?

Kyle – We had only been a band for a short time before lockdown, and we just continued to release music and be a band during that time, just without touring. The lockdown did afford a lot of time to write and practice the new material though. 

Did the fact that “Lesions Of A Different Kind” was a great debut album and well received among death metal fans give you additional pressure? Did you feel that old saying “you have all the time in the world to write your debut album but little time to write the sophomore”?

Kyle – We had already written about 8 songs as a band prior to even beginning Lesions, so in a way it was just more material to write. I have said and will say again, writing an album is significantly different than writing a shorter release. You don’t want to repeat yourself but it needs a sort of continuity and flow. I feel like we improved our skills at writing albums, and I’d like to keep pushing that skill for now. 

How was the recording process for “It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave”?

Kyle – It was a chill, good time. 10 days in the studio with the band and our good friend Scoops. 

You worked again with Scoops Dardaris on the production, was that a no brainer for you?

Kyle – Yeah, Scoops is a close friend and a professional engineer. I think he’s fun to work with and gets great sounding takes from everyone. 

How do you see the U.S. death metal scene nowadays?

Kyle – I don’t know what other word to use here beside thriving. There are tons of great bands, tons of younger people getting into metal and picking up drums and guitar. It can only get better and keep improving. Cheers!!

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