WOM Stream – Mark Haze – “Don’t Say Goodbye” Premiere

Photo by Dykan Haskin

Seasoned South African Rock Singer-Songwriter Mark Haze is back with a grandiose Rock Opus called ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’. This blistering arena-style Rock Anthem showcases Mark’s wide vocal range and signature energy Rock ‘n Roll, guaranteed to have listeners and audiences singing along in full voice and on their feet! Now you can hear it below first hand:

On writing ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’, Mark shares that “The riff is one of the first I ever wrote. It was originally intended to be for my first proper band ‘12th Avenue’ but got shelved. When I started writing new music, I picked the riff up again, at the same time a friend whose father passed away contacted me to share how much this song meant to him. The song was written to encourage strength in character, to always fight on in the face of adversity, and to always push to do better, regardless of what life throws at you. Today this theme is more relevant than ever. Lyrically I also wrote this song from me, to me, to encourage myself to always stand steadfast, keep everything together, and fight on no matter what – to always push on and do better! As I also produced the track, I had to be extra stringent on myself, between playing the roles of artist and producer, to push myself to keep doing better and fight on for the desired result.”

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