WOM Streams – Caedeous – “Obscurus Perpetua – The Tales Of The Dark Prince – Orchestral Sessions” Exclusive Premiere

Caedeous, the ambitious portuguese project led by Paulo J. Mendes is back! With a vengeance. After the release of debut album “Domini Tenebrarum” (and a few time before the “Orchestral Sessions” for that same album), Caedeous is back with its sophomore release, “Obscurus Perpetua”. After sharing the first single in YouTube “Obscurus Perpetua – The Tales Of The Dark Prince” – that you can check in the end of the article – Caedeous gave the exclusive to World Of Metal to release the Orchestral Sessions for that same song. Check it out below:

All music, instruments, programming, lyrics, mixing and mastering by Paulo J. Mendes at Studio 7.
Session vocals by D.M.


Logo by Paulo J. Mendes:

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