WOM Streams – CODE106 – “Eradicate” Premiere Visualizer – Exclusive!

From South Africa, we presente you CODE106, a metalcore band that is now releasing “Eradicate”, their newest single. Below you can hear it and see the visualizer video, in an exclusive World Of Metal premiere:

CODE106 formed in 2018 in George, a small coastal town on the famous Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa. Better known for its golf courses and mountain passes than the alternative groove metal the band brings us with their new single “Eradicate”, a track which focuses on the negative impact that modern society and social media is having on the kids of today.

The youth is f*cked plain and simple, if these insecure, hollow “role models” are raising your kids then issues are bound to erupt.” Exclaims vocalist Chad Abnett. He goes on the add, “This track contains a lot of my frustrations towards this world, personal and generalized and its inevitable destination. The culture of self-hatred and low self-esteem is simply disgusting, sex is sold as easily as a pack of sweets and is now used as a social media marketing tool, nothing about it is sacred. This new way of thinking has destroyed the youth of today, the families, the schooling experience. Kids are worrying about things that they should only learn about when they’re much older.

Eradicate is out now on all digital platforms.

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