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DeWolff Display The Full Force Of Their Live Experience With New Record

Pinto Graham release new track “Southern Superstitions” 

Stoner/doom metal band PINTO GRAHAM have now released their song “Southern Superstitions” for streaming via Bandcamp. The song is from their upcoming album Dos which will be released in July. Listen to the song/Pre-order Dos here:

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=1426871574 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, southern rock trio Pinto Graham serves up psychedelic riffage that pulls audiences to their feet.  The diverse musical experiences of bassist/vocalist Ant Reckart, guitarist/vocalist Andre Roman, and drummer Brian Harris make for a perfect meeting of groove, grit, and melody.  With influences ranging from Lynyrd Skynrd to Pentagram — both of whom they pay homage to with their band name — Pinto Graham will shake, rattle, and roll any stage they set foot on.

Brian Harris – drums
Andre Roman – guitar and vocals
Ant Reckart – bass and vocals


This Gift Is A Curse release second new track of forthcoming album

THIS GIFT IS A CURSE are now releasing the second new track, taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘A Throne of Ash’, to be released via Season of Mist on June 14. “Blood is my Harvest” can be viewed below:

The experience that is ‘A Throne of Ash’ consists of poisoned blood, dying flesh and the dark ash from the charred body of man – both on a physical and astral plane with the underlying notion that nothing that transpires in what we call ‘reality’ has a greater meaning.

vomit forth a steady stream of pitch-black venomous hate. The Swedes passionately demonstrate that black metal remains fertile ground for new sounds. Combining elements of hardcore and sludge with influences from occult black metal as well as drone, ‘A Throne of Ash’ sets a new benchmark for vitriolic viciousness and massive sonic onslaught. The third full-length of the band from Stockholm has turned out to be a vision of darkness that seeks its equal.


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