Nargaroth new album “Era of Threnody” Introduction available for listening

The audio introduction of the new album of the mighty Nargaroth shall portrait in parts the recording process, the thematic background and of course several song insights beyond the previous released trailer (the one we speak of in the Introduction here). It was recorded October 2016 on the last day in the Sonic Fortress Studio in Vienna/Austria to introduce the album. You can listen to it below. You can alson check the interview here.

About the new album, Ash commented on his page on Facebook

As I announced, until the release date I want to give some background information to the new NARGAROTH album “Era of Threnody”. What is its origin, what does it deal with and the writing and recording process, that dragged me around the world. And those who follow NARGAROTH know, that it is more a personal musical project and my way of dealing with what is going on with me. When you are interested into the deeper background of my works, I encourage you to watch the video and the ones, that will follow in the next weeks.
Although I had the musical concept of that album in my mind at least since 2010, the lyrical conception has its origin in the happenings of 2013/14. When I was embittered by my life resume, particularly not having an own family and having the feeling not fitting into the nowadays times, where old fashioned people like me are not only dinosaurs, but seem to be unwanted and wished cast away. It was then when, in the illusion of a love fever, I gave up my life in Germany, sold all of my belongings and set foot on the road ahead. And it was then, when I wrecked like a love-drunken fool in the Mojave Desert, where I punished myself and started to assemble the new albums lyrical concept.
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