SONICBLAST MOLEDO announces new bands for 2019 + adds MONOLORD, LUCIFER & many more!

The sun and the sea, a pool and one of the most exciting beach locations you can imagine to experience at a festival: Welcome to SONICBLAST Moledo! Portugal’s unique stoner, heavy and pychedelic rock festival is growing from one year to the next and already left its stamp as one of the best festivals the heavy music scene has to offer.

Taking place between August 8th – 10th 2019, directly located at the Atlantic Ocean, in sunny Moledo, Portugal, SonicBlast Open Air has just announced 10 more acts to play in 2019! With their ninth edition, the festival is proud to announce the second, following round of names from the lineup: MonolordLucifer, ToundraSatan’s SatyrsSacri Monti,Harsh TokePetyrMaidavaleMaggot Heart and Kaleidobolt! They will be joining the previously announced: OMOrange Goblin, WindhandMy Sleeping KarmaThe ObsessedDopethroneMinami Deutsch and Zig Zags!

Practicing the art of doom metal since 2013, Monolord have been preaching the power of the riff in a categoric way. Releasing three excellent albums in a four year span, all through the Californian label Riding Easy Records, these three Swedes toured all over the world, spreading among everyone their massive sound, with outstanding live performances. In 2018, they’ve signed a record deal with Relapse Records, preparing the release of their fourth studio album in late 2019.

Formed in 2014 by the frontwoman Johanna Sadonis, Lucifer could be easily considered a heavy rock supergroup in this day and age. With two full-length records released (the debut one on Rise Above Records and the latest one on Century Media Records), the band counts now with a solidified lineup, featuring Joahnna on vocals, Robin Tidebrink on lead guitar (also from Saturn), Alexander Mayr on bass, Martin Nordin on guitar (also from Dead Lord) and Nicke Anderson on drums (also from Entombed, Imperial State Electric and ex-The Hellacopters). It is now more than time, to finally receive the heavy magic rock purveyors in Portugal.

Within the domains of post metal, the Spanish Toundra are certainly a reference, known by their instrumental atmospheric music, which leads the listener through complex and exciting experiences. Although included in the family of post rock, the band doesn’t limit their creativity, using influences from experimental, progressive and post hardcore in their music. Their fifth album “Vortex” was released just last year, being received enthusiastically by the public, showing once again how they manage to break the postrock barriers.

Hey Satan! Hey Lucifer! Satan’s Satyrs are here baby…The group founded by Clayton Burgess ( former Electric Wizard bassist), prepare to invade us with their sleazy rock n roll. Having more than 10 releases in their career (including four full-length albums on Bad Omen Records and one split record with Windhand released on Relapsed Records), the Virginian quartet incites a different heavy sound with the newest album “The Lucky Ones”, sounding like nothing you’ve heard before.

Rooted in 70’s era, Sacri Monti like to add a lot of psychedelia to their catchy jams. Their debut record, released by Tee Pee Records, was presented right at the sixth edition of the festival, confirming their supreme skills and ability to create outstanding retro compositions. Three years later, the quintet will be returning, carrying a brand new record in the sleeve, undoubtedly loaded with steaming riffs and fervent heavy psychedelic moments.

Exploring the cosmic sound and the limitless space, Harsh Toke put the missing acid in the heavy psychedelic rock. Specialists in the adrenaline of the jam itself, these four Californians have been on the run since 2012, leaving everyone in ecstasy with their sonic avalanches and musical deliriums, satiating anyone who seeks incessant trips filled with intensity.

The San Diego invasion could not be complete without the presence of the newest Heavy Psych revelation: Petyr. Fronted by Riley Hawk (Tony Hawk’s son), this four piece is influenced by all those obscure bands from the last century, raw heavy psychedelic rock and obviously the skateboard attitude. Having already released two full-lengths and one single record on Outer Battery Records, the group promises not to stop to keep the heavy psych flame burning.

Revealing themselves during 2016 with the superb debut album “Tales from the Wicked West”, released on The Sign Records, MaidaVale toured relentlessly through Europe showing how great they play psychedelic hard rock. With their sophomore effort, the four piece revealed their experimental and post-punk side, expressing their sound in a different and ingenious way, always with their primal essence freely present.

Formed as the solo project of Linnea Olsen (ex-The Oath, Beastmilk,Grave Pleasures, Slingblade and Sonic Ritual), Maggot Heart incorporates garage rock, post punk and punk in their tunes, pushing the boundaries of songwriting with each work. The music is dark, twisted and real. Their debut full-length album “Dusk to Dusk” clearly establishes more connections; the death in the city, typical habits and the inevitable cycle of ends and beginnings.

When Kaleidobolt passed through Portugal, during their 2017 tour with Radio Moscow, nobody could predict such a mind-blowing experience. These Finnish progressive heavy psychers do not play games when it comes to deliver an overwhelming live performance, offering an exhilarating time with their bewildering influences of retro sounds, jazzy touches and lots of acid psychedelia.


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