WOM Tops – TOP 20 Death Metal 2019

Accursed Spawn, Ad Patres, Antropomorphia, Baest, Body Harvest, Corrosive, Deathswarm, Diabolical, Embrional, Hedonihil, Memoriam, Musmahhu, Nocturnal Hollow, Orthostat, Possessed, Skorbutiks, TOP 20 Death Metal 2019, Venom Prison, Vitriol, Vltimas, Wretched Fate

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World Of Metal Magazine #24

 World Of Metal Magazine Blasts 2019! Entrevistas/Interviews – Soilwork, Lagerstein, Avi Rosenfeld, Injector, Shapeshifter, Ljungblut, Nordic Union, Mad Hatter, Mass

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