WOM Tops – Top 20 Heavy Metal Albums 2020

Lords Of Black / Wolftooth / Serious Black / Wanderer / Ironflame / Wallop / Haunt / Cloven Hoof / Primal Fear / Cirith Ungol / Armored Saint / Traveler / Lady Beast / Divine Weep / Els Focs Negres / Stallion / Ironsword / Raven / Satan’s Fall / Spirit Adrift

Lords Of Black, Wolftooth, Serious Black, Wanderer, Ironflame, Wallop, Haunt, Cloven Hoof, Primal Fear, Cirith Ungol, Armored Saint, Traveler, Lady Beast, Divine Weep, Els Focs Negres, Stallion, Ironsword, Raven, Satans Fall, Spirit Adrift

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WOM Tops – Top 20 Power Metal Albums 2016

Farseer, Theocracy, Wolf Hoffmann, Running Wild, Krossfire, Gloryful, Thornbridge, Freedom Call, Rage, Dark Forest, Crystal Ball, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Holy Grail, Mob Rules, Serious Black, Civil War, Almanac, Helstar, Rhapsody Of Fire, Striker

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Album Of The Month – March 2020

Album Of The Month – March 2020 – Serious Black, Anvil, Shakra,
Your Last Wish, Lowrider, Breidablik, Revenant Marquis, Graceless,
At First, Neaera, Vredehammer, Pantheon of Blood, Paganland, Rosy Finch, Intronaut, Psychotic Waltz, Redeye Caravan, Wilczyca, Demons & Wizards, Sepultura

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