WOM Features – Peter Wolff premieres “Breath” first Video “I Will Swim” taken out of upcoming movie

Peter Wolff premiered today the video “I Will Swim”, the first of a total of nine video clips from the movie “Breath”, which will also be released on 19th of April as also the album.

The film was produced by Peter Wolff in cooperation with the video artists Kai Litzke and Noemi Nicolaisen. These Clips will also be an integral part of the live performance.

Peter Wolff started his solo career in early 2018, after leaving his atmospheric black metal band Downfall of Gaia, where he was one of the co-founders and main songwriters. After years of touring worldwide and releasing several well-received albums on Metal Blade Records, Downfall of Gaiais now recognized as one of the most important bands of their genre. In the meantime, Wolff headed to different sonic realms. Experimenting with synthesizers, piano, acoustic instruments and field recordings, he released his first solo album Repeat in February 2018.

“Repeat is a really personal and emotional record for me. I started with songwriting on the dying day of a close friend and after exact one year I stopped on the point where I was. This record describes one year of coping with bereavement, the wander around grief, abyss and solace and ends with the insight that this will repeat again and again and will never end.”

While supporting acts like Scott Kelly of Neurosis, Chelsea Wolfe and others a well as  playing at German underground events such as Fusion Festival and Hamburg’s Droneburg, producing music for movies and television networks, and releasing the first song ‘Swarm’ of his newly launched onlineLone SeriesWolff was also experimenting with new instruments, expanding his horizons above the confines of musical genres.

The stunning result of Wolff’s endeavors, Breath, will be released on April 19th on My Proud Mountain.

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