WOM Streams – ColdCell – “Open Wound” – Exclusive Premiere

After premiering ColdCell‘s “No Escape” (check it out here), World Of Metal premieres now, in an exclusive for Portugal, their newest advance track for their album “The Greater Evil”, “Open Wound” which you can hear it below:

ColdCell was founded in 2012 in Basel Switzerland and released its first album “Generation Abomination” in the following year. ColdCell is rooted in the Swiss underground black metal scene and has always been eager to put up dark and atmospheric live shows. With a delay of two years each, ColdCell later released the successors “Lowlife” in 2015 and “Those” in2017 – each progressing and deepening ColdCell’s impression of the dark, eerie and extreme. Throughout the years, only minor changes in the original line-up occurred. ColdCell’s latest album “The Greater Evil” is due to be released by Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions in 2021 and is yet another step descending into sonic abyss.

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