WOM Streams – Dux Louie Premieres “Zebra” – Exclusive

Dux Louie joined World Of Metal to premiere their new single, “Zebra”, that you can hear below:

4-piece swell seekers Dux Louie hailing from the legendary shores of Heidelbergs Neckar river add their jangly poppy vintage sound to the surf-revival of the past years, beaming you straight to a beach party in San Fran or just around the corner of the hippest nightclubs in L.A. They never claimed to reinvent the wheel but to paint the Twang and Huh Yeahs of the
olden times in a fresh new color. Sounds good? Right.

Plastic Jeans Voodoo Club (2017) and Tonight in Neon Moon City (2019) tell a tale about the skies of a cloudless night. Everything seems possible in the moment right before you step out of the door to meet your mates. You probably put on some music to get in the mood, some Iggy Pop or maybe The Doors. Get dressed in your favorite Jeans and loosen the top button of your shirt.

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