WOM Streams – Pensées Nocturne – “Douce Fange” Exclusive Full Album Stream

Pensées Nocturnes will release tomorrow, the 21st their new album “Douce Fange” by the hand of Les Acteurs De L’Ombre Productions but today World Of Metal presents it in full in a exclusive for Portugal, that you can check out above:

After a very bad depressive start, they kept its tortured and chaotic face and mixes it with more aerial and sometimes cheerful inspirations. The result is a most brutal and disconcerting cocktail. In 2017, the band that had first started as a solo project takes shape on stage and treads on the biggest French rostrums (Hellfest, Motocultor, Tyrant Fest, among others), giving life to this grotesque theatre. Having released an album dedicated to circus in 2019 (Grand Guignol Orchestra), Pensées Nocturnes delivers its 7th opus in 2022, “Douce Fange”, an invitation to go back to old France and its insalubrious halls, cut-throat narrow streets, ill-famed brothels and degenerate pubs.

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