WOM Streams – Robyn Ferguson Releases “Harbinger ” EP

Robyn Ferguson is a passionate musician from South Africa who knows how to work hard and play hard! Known for her dynamic live performances and adept guitar skills with acts like Adorned in Ash and Sistas of Metal, Robyn has been flying solo the past 2 years with 3 powerhouse releases now under her belt. The last year has not been easy for Robyn and her EP “Harbinger” follows close on the heels of her hugely successful debut EP “Alizarin” and sophomore EP “Falling Forward in her mental, emotional and spiritual journey to rise above health challenges.

“Harbinger” is a two-track EP narrowly following the release of Falling Forward” (released in May’20). It’s a micro journey of a parallel timeline showing the complexities of choice and choosing. Below you can hear it in full:

Robyn states that “for every decision we make there’s another sheared off, launched to the parallel unknown. A consciousness lost and found in the siamese complexity of cause and effect. Inspired, written and recorded in isolation, Harbinger speaks of the alternative path, and calls to the “what if” in us all … I am, I am HARBINGER!”

Below you can also watch the new visualizer video for “Premotions” from “Harbinger” EP

Robym is also set to perform Rock Winterfest today, 1 August.

For 13 years Metal4Africa held true, and they are not about to sit on their hands and let Covid-19 get the better of us! So, prepare for a different kind of WinterFest’20, as Robyn Ferguson will be joined for an Online Festival by other artists including Deadline, Forsaking Fate, Ohgod, Rhakshah, Ruff Majik, The Fallen Prophets, Truth And Its Burden (Johannesburg), Mark Allnutt from Pyjama Planet Studios & All Guns Full Ammo as well as Kris Xenopoulos from Technopath & Vulvodynia.

For more information visit the WinterFest’20 Event Page

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