WOM Tops – TOP 20 Death Metal 2019

Accursed Spawn, Ad Patres, Antropomorphia, Baest, Body Harvest, Corrosive, Deathswarm, Diabolical, Embrional, Hedonihil, Memoriam, Musmahhu, Nocturnal Hollow, Orthostat, Possessed, Skorbutiks, TOP 20 Death Metal 2019, Venom Prison, Vitriol, Vltimas, Wretched Fate

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A Hora da Morte EP 91 – Zeder

Radio show dedicated to death metal, every Mondays from 21h to 22, with reruns from 01h to 02h and from

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WOM Report – Vagos Metal Fest Dia 4 @ Quinta do Ega, Vagos – 12.08.2018

Ler reportagem Dia 1  Ler reportagem Dia 2 Ler reportagem Dia 3 Crónica Editorial – Vagos Metal Fest 2018 Como

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9 a 12/08/18 – Vagos Metal Fest 2018 – Quinta do Ega, Vagos

9 a 12/08/18 – Vagos Metal Fest 2018 – Cradle Of Filth, Moonspell, Kamelot, Suicidal Tendencies, Orphaned Land, Enslaved, Municipal

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